06 aug

Maxinne presenterar sina läsares sexfantasier

Oh I LOVE THIS! It’s been one of the most fun posts to prepare for in a long while. This post is in collaboration with KinoShopping.se, since we have a mutual goal of spreading some sexual inspiration for this summer. I have LOVED reading all the stories from you! Thank you so much for sending them in to me, and thank you to some of my friends who also wrote some <3 So amusing to read many different peoples sexual fantasies, how similar they can be to your own, or how they can really inspire cause you didn’t even knew this was a turn on for you. I have tried to match different toys, gadgets and add ons after your desires in the stories, if you would like to fulfill them on your own after 😉 Or maybe you already have a tool box of goodies!

Since it’s also Pride week right now which has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year in Stockholm, we want to honor the love in all shapes, colors & variations. To encourage the celebration that will no longer take place out in the streets – but instead online from your home – there is also possibilities to enjoy with a new toy or two. So as a tribute to Pride we want to offer 15% discount on everything in the shop with this code: Maxinnepride, valid until 16th of August 2020.

Well, Enjoy!

8 full stories for you reading pleasure! It starts more mild and gets juicier and juicier
I hope it arouses you as much as it aroused me 😉

Story 1 - The camping journey

>My sexual fantasy is about me on my camping journey. I had travelled far out in the wilderness by myself, hiked alone in the stillness and beauty of nature. After about a week when I started to feel a bit lonely I started setting up a camping spot in the most beautiful environment next to a lake. In the evening I made up a fire cause it was about to get really cold. While I was sitting there viewing out on the beautiful landscape, I heard a voice behind me. It was a dark manly voice. He asked if it was okey if he put his tent up next to mine. The man was slightly older looking, with a very mysterious but experienced sight, and very handsome on top of that. I said yes, and he started putting up the tent. I asked if I could help but he said there was no need, but he would like to invite me for a hot chocolate after. I did not say no to that.

We sat down in front of the fireplace, he started making the chocolate while he started telling me some stories of his wild adventures. Wow, this man had really lived, and spent years in nature. This man was so confident in his way of speaking and I felt my amusement was just getting bigger and bigger. Who is this nature mystery man? The night went on and we chatted for hours, it started getting even colder so he invited me to come closer to sit under his blanket. All of a sudden I was starting feeling heat waves of lust, I looked up to him and he looked at me deep into my eyes. Would it be too upfront if I asked if I could kiss you right now? he said. I got all nervous and mumbled a vague yes.

He kissed me passionately and it was such a pleasant feeling with his beard covering my face. I could smell the fire ashes on his skin. We kept on kissing and we quickly moved into my tent. Of with all our clothes and there we had the most passionated sex. It was no longer cold and we both were full of pleasure. I got my most intense orgasm every. I fell asleep in his arms on his hairy chest. I woke up in the morning to some sounds, I was alone in my tent all of a sudden. Maybe he had gone up to pee. I waited for a little while, but he didn’t come back. I sneaked out and I saw that his tent was gone and all that was left was a note next to the fire place ”You were amazing, but nature was calling for this wolf to continue on his road, I wish you an amazing journey, I will never forget you”.

Story 2 - The threesome

I have never had a threesome before and I am too afraid to ask my partner if we can explore in that direction. But since I was young it’s always been a dream, but somehow it just haven’t come my way. The ultimate dream would be me, my partner and another woman. I would have liked to dress in sexy lingerie, and the other woman too, and kind of surprise my man. Like I would tell him that a surprise is waiting but when I come home I have company. Im also a little bit scared so I would have liked to know the woman, and we decided all the rules before. I would’t feel comfortable with her kissing my boyfriend, but I would have liked to explore kissing her while my partner is watching.

Maybe put my boyfriend in handcuffs so he cant move. And then we undress each other, and my partner just gets to watch. Me and the woman is kissing, touching, going down on each other just while my boyfriend is looking. He can touch himself a little bit. Then me and the other woman would go over to him, give him a massage with oils, and give him a double blow job until he screams of pleasure.

One of my favorite brands when it comes to oily massaging sexy stuff – it’s Slow Sex. Their products are great! Also Kino has a great selection of kinky and edgy lingerie for affordable prices. Click on the names to come to the products <3

Warming massage oil
Sexy lingerie

Story 3 - The shibari master

One of my sexual fantasies is to buy sexy lingerie for her, put it in a gift box and leave it on the table in our home with a card where I wrote some instructions. When she is back home I will be hidden somewhere, waiting for her to find the gift and read the card. I will come out once she will be on her knees in the middle of the carpet, her torso lowered between her knees and her face and her arms relaxed towards the ground. She’s dressed in only with the lingerie I bought for her. She’s waiting for me with closed eyes, in this submissive posture. I come out from behind and I bend down close to her ears and I whisper something. With gentleness I blindfold her with a red silk bend and I order her to obey me no matter what, and to stay in silence. I take out a set of Shibari ropes and start to tight her hands, slowly.

At the same pace I keep on tight her up towards the chest. I make sure to pass twice with the rope at the height of her nipples, so to squeeze them between the two lines of the tight rope. When I finish with the first rope I move her so she is laying with her belly to the floor, her legs lengthened. I start to tight her from her feet going up to the waist. From the waist then I pass two ropes between her legs, letting her feel slightly penetrated by it. Then I take a third rope and I connect her feet with her chest, arching her back and her legs backwards. I hold her from the middle point, almost lifting her up with one hand while with the other I caress her starting from her limbs, going into her mouth with my fingers, then to her breasts, and finally gently passing through her clitoris. I whisper some gentle dirty words in her ears, I bite her neck and I spank her butt cheeks. Then, I take the leftover of the third rope and I pass it through a hook hanging from the ceiling. I pull the rope and she start to be lifted up.

When she’s hanging 1 meter from the floor I fix the rope to be safe and I start to play with her. I pass my penis close to her face, I want her to smell my genital scent and know what she has in front of her before she can touch it. I order her to open her mouth then, instead of my penis, I put my tongue inside. After few seconds I stand up and caress her body with a feather, starting from her neck and going in the direction of her butt. There, I spank her again, alternating with gentle caresses. I lick her legs, going close to the lips of her vaginas.

When I feel that she’s wet I will gently push my finger inside her pussy and stay there while I listen to her groans. I slide out my finger and go back in front of her with my erected cock. I caress her face with it and order her to take out her tongue. I penetrate her mouth and enjoy the pleasure. After I unlock to the rope and move her down to the floor. I disconnect the chest from her feet and untie only her legs. I move her with her belly on the arms of the couch, her face in the pillows, her butt facing upwards with her legs wide open and her feet touching the floor. She’s still blindfolded and she’s bent over the couch. I go on my knees, open her butt cheeks with my hands and sink my face inside, licking her pussy. When she’s close to come I stand up and put my cock inside.

I will keep on after her orgasm to reach mine. Then, with kindness, I untie her completely, take her on top of me, hugging her on my chest and removing the blindfold. I cuddle her and kiss her saying the most sweet words. The we lay down on the couch and I spoon her in relaxation.

Shibari Ropes
Sexy lingerie
Crystal Crop Wip
Intima silk blindfold

Story 4 - The orgie

I enter a room with dim lighting. I only wear black lace underwear. My skin is oily, I am hot. I feel the energy of my vagina and I feel very excited. I am greeted by a group of people, 3 men and 4 women. We all start to kiss and caress each other. The atmosphere is set. To the sound of music that excites the senses, foreplay, caresses, kisses and massages last a long time and the tension rises. Everyone takes care of me as if I was the queen. Each one of them is devoted to his task and they make the energy increases in my body until the point I have to surrender to my senses for an unforgettable orgasm.

STORY 5- The never ending pleasure mission

Im at home a normal afternoon after work. My partner arrives home with a full box of surprises. He tells me he have a tool box with the best dildos and vibrators on the markets, and he will make me come over and over again. Nothing can stop this pleasure machine for a boyfriend. He blindfolds me and starts with going down on me. Licking my vagina with the biggest passion. After he continues to my inside, stimulating my G-spot with one of the dildos. He continues licking my clitoris. My first orgasm is flying of to the sky. Im shaking. Then he moves on to my next internat spot, stimulates me while he is touching my nipples, telling me compliments of how sexy I am, how he can’t have enough of me. He uses another small dildo in my ass.

He is now double penetrating me with two small dildos. I am so full of pleasure that I can almost not handle myself. My orgasms keeps coming and he continues his pleasure mission. He grabs the vibrator and attaching it on my clitoris, at the same time he puts up a bigger dildo in my vagina so it touches my cervix. He is kissing me around my legs at the same time. His dedication for my pleasure is unreal – there is no stop. He continues his journey until I am so wet and sweaty, screaming like the wildest of animals, shaking in my whole body. Multi-Orgasms one after the other. Keeps on orgasming. Melting into my pleasure King of gratitude.

Avant Pride is one of my favorite brands when it comes to dildos, mostly cause I love how they look, they are gender and sexuality inclusive, the material is really comfy and high quality. I already have a few from them since before, but now they just launched a pastell line which is really pretty.
For the sexual fantasy wishing for a vibrator – I would SO MUCH more direct you to The womanizer instead. It is the only sex toy company who actually guarantees you an orgasm. That is pretty cocky – but I understand why. First time I tried it I came within 20 seconds, it almost took the fun away haha.

Avant Dildos
Womanizer Liberty

Sexy lingerie

Story 6 - The meeting of the beast

I’m walking in the jungle, like a predator, smelling the air. I spot you, not so far from me. We both look into each other’s eyes with a sharp dangerous sight. We’re both covered in mud/clay, completely naked. We look wild, dangerous, unpredictable. Are we hunting each other, or are we dancing together? We don’t really know. We walk slowly toward each other and our muscles are in tension, ready to jump, ready to fight. We make sounds, deep, primal sounds. Time stop and we just wait for the next move. A sudden noise, maybe a branch broke, it’s the signal.

We jump and we clash our bodies, rolling on the ground, crashing plants. You are tight to me with your arms and your legs. I put you with your back over the ground, you decide to surrender to my strength. I hold your wrists with one hand while with the other one I open your legs. You look me in the eyes with fire and lust. You show resistance but you push me inside you with your legs. I release your arms and I hold you from your butt pushing strongly. I roar and you moan loudly. I turn you, you fight to escape, I pull your hair and put your face down to the ground. You raise your butt and spread your knees. My cock it’s hard and hot and I slide it inside your ass.

We scream from pleasure and I keep on penetrate you until we get lost on our sense. We don’t know what kind of creature are we, we don’t think, we are just one sweaty, smelly, big chunk of dirty warm flesh moving with tension. A strong energy is running from our genitals and expanding over our bodies. Time stop again. We’re beast, but blessed by an overwhelming force. We lay over each other and we rest meditating.

STORY 7 – The mysterious meeting

I am traveling solo in Morocco and decide to spend the night camping in the desert with a few strangers I met along the way. After a few hours of riding on our camels, our tour guide leaves us by ourselves to spend the afternoon and the night alone in our tents. As soon as I enter my big tipi style tent, I realize that I am sharing it with a tall and dark stranger from the Middle East.

Without introducing himself, this mysterious wild man dressed in Indiana Jones style gives me a piercing look and we exchange smiles. My knees start shaking from the sexual energy I am getting from him. He is so hot! Without wasting time, he approaches me and starts kissing me with his strong tongue. His hands finds my breasts and he starts ripping off my shirt to reach inside while still kissing my lips, my face and neck and breathing heavily like a hungry desert animal.
We fall on the sandy ground of the tent and he starts getting rid of his shorts while his hand is grabbing my butt. He quickly removes my shorts sliding it from my legs warm with the heat of the desert sun.

We are rolling naked on the hot floor of the tent and I gasp when I see his big erection as an elephant. He turns and tosses me on my knees and spreads my butt cheeks while grabbing my hair from behind to pull my head towards his hungry mouth. He spanks me and we are both moaning with pleasure like two mountain lions. He penetrates me in doggy style and pounds me while moving his strong hands around my back and breasts.  I try to escape and hold on to whatever I can find in front of me but he pulls me back and pushes his strong cock even deeper. I can’t hold my scream with pleasure while taking all in. I feel like the whole tent and the floor are vibrating with our animal energies. He covers my mouth with his hand so the other tents don’t hear us and continues pounding me mercilessly.

I lose track of time while having multiple orgasms. When he is done with me, he pulls out and we cuddle on the floor waiting for our breaths to resume.

Story 8 - The erotic dance

We find ourselves dancing, each of us looking to express our bodies. Our eyes meet by chance and quickly separates when they are discovered in a spark of desire, but we already know it and now we know that we don’t dance only for ourselves. My body turns on and I can feel my dress rubbing my skin, rubbing my nipples, and I can see that you also notice it. You can feel my body calling you and you approach, gently, dancing behind me. Not so close as not to be so obvious, and not so far away that I can feel your heat joining mine. I feel a magnet that makes me want to surrender to your proximity but I resist. I feel your wet breath in my neck and my head and back skin bristles. I feel your hips sticking to mine and our movements synchronizing as if they were waves.

I feel your penis getting hard in my ass and while I keep rubbing it with my movements, I can feel how your energy is already inside of me. You lower my dress gently, you take my hair hard to move my head to the side and bite my ear while I feel your breathing agitated and the sweat of your body wetting my back. You lower your hands gently touching my skin until you reach my nipples and start squeezing and playing with them, making very fast movements and then gentle circles pulling them out, beating them and turning them from side to side until they are very hard. I groan and my legs bend with pleasure until I’m on the floor, surrendered to whatever you want to do to me. You come closer to put my nipples in your mouth and suck them, wanting to suck as deep as you can, then rubbing your whole face with them, I feel the touch of your rough beard that makes my skin bristle.

You lower your hand between my legs and feel my wetness. I can recognize your surprise to find drops falling down my legs. I feel like I could explode with just one touch. You move my underwear to the side in a hurry to sink your fingers in my vulva and soak them in me. You open my legs completely and touch me on the clitoris that make me contract with pleasure without knowing how much I can resist. You take my clitoris between your fingers and press it while it slips between your fingers, you look for it and press it again and several times while with your other hand you take out your penis, hard, wide, pulsating, hot and while I groan and my body moves like a snake, you gently introduce it into my mouth before I realize it. And I receive this wet surprise that fills my mouth and silences my groans. I feel your heat rising more and more and with that your fingers on my clitoris become more agile and your thrusts in my mouth faster and deeper.

And I can play with my tongue around your glans, take it with my hand and pass it through every corner of my face and return to my mouth and feel you ready to come while you penetrate my mouth very deep and in total lack of control of your actions and your fingers like crazy dancing on my clitoris, ready to explode. My groans drown in my throat and I can feel you coming. I try to get it out of my mouth but you hold me tight, shoving it deeper and masturbating me until I can’t resist anymore and give myself up. I feel your penis pressing inside my mouth while your semen goes down my throat, hot, thick, filling everything. And your low moans fill the space of your wild animality. I feel my vagina expand and contract and my body shiver, my feet and hands contract with pleasure and waves of orgasms rise to my crown while I lose control of my body and my drowned moans join yours and I can enjoy our ecstasy and lose myself in this orgasmic no time while our moans gradually fade.

So AMAZING TO read all of your stories! Thank you again. Thank you for wanting to inspire each other! I hope you are filled with new inspiration <3 Please comment on this post if you liked it, so I know if you want me to do a follow up with more sexy stories for the autumn!


Maxinne Björk

Maxinne Björk reser jorden runt och är bland annat bosatt i Indien, Thailand och Sverige och var hon än är så bejakar hon sin sexualitet, sin nakna kropp och sina tantriska vibbar. Maxinne jobbar bland annat som tantralärare där hon håller work shops i ”Tantra för kvinnor”. Tantra är tusentals år gammal livsbejakande tradition Då många andra traditioner förnekar av kroppen och sexualiteten ser man inom tantran kroppen som människans tempel som bör behandlas med kärlek och omsorg.