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Maxinnes top 3 sexfantasier

Sexual fantasies, yep, we all have them. Probably many shared ones and probably many that isn’t similar at all. The beauty with sexual fantasies though, is by sharing yours you can really inspire others. So that is what I am about to do now, share my current sexual fantasies with you, and then I would love if you could also share yours and send them to me. I will later on in July collect your sexual fantasies and post them on my blog. Some inspiration for a juicy and blossoming sex life during summer times. They can be short or long – what every you prefer. I will do these posts in collaboration with Kino Shopping, cause after talking with my friend Sara who works there, we both share the same passion for spicy:ing up our daily life sex. Sometimes you can do it with no props at all – and sometimes props can be an fantastic addition. So please, I would love if you can write me your sexual fantasy / sexual fantasies to maxinne@maxinne.se before the 12th of July! It can be anonymous or with name <3

I also really believe, that if you are really attentive and dedicated to honor your partners wishes and desires (of course with passion and not only to get something out of it yourself). It boosts the sexual desires between you two and it will encourage your partner to fulfill your sexual fantasies. And if you haven’t done it jet – COMMUNICATE with each other what you would like to experience! We can never expect someone to guess what we want. Me and Manu loves to share our sexual fantasies with each other, it also gives me hints of how I can show up for him. It is usually always changing to, for a period you can have a turn on for something and once the time passes new wishes can appear, so keep a dialog about it.

It’s also one of the most important things in a long term relationship, to keep exploring with each other, being adventurous and wild – to keep the mystery and the playfulness. Let’s inspire each other <3 I am so excited to be inspired by your stories or dreams 😉

My 3 top ”on going” / current sexual fantasies:

Blindfolded and teased:

One of my all time favorites that never gets old and can be renewed in so many versions is me being ”ordered” to be blindfolded and then my partner has my body for his own or my pleasure. Interesting both of the dynamics. Manu have told me many times at a certain time be ready at home in bed, naked with spread legs, wearing headphones with music so I can’t hear him when I enter. I love equally as much if the focus is on me, that he just gives me endless pleasure while I am blindfolded with no control or if he is just using my body for his own pleasure. But of course that depends a lot on what is pleasure for the other one. For me, it turns me on so much to know that my partner just follows his pleasure stream of energy regardless of me. So I often ask him after I have received a few orgasms to just do what ever he wants to feel the most pleasure in this moment, and I’m just enjoying witnessing him. Back to the fantasy, he orders me to be at home waiting. Me getting ready on the bed preparing myself with headphones. He arrives home, obviously I don’t hear when he is entering which gives an extra thrilling effect. The whole waiting part can even make me soaking wet even before any form of touch has started.

Then when he actually arrives home, he is teasing my whole body with different props to give different sensations. Definitely different types of feathers! But it can also be fun unexpected props from your home, like a fork, what ever fun you can find that would give an unusual sensation on the skin. Everything feels different once you are laying down in full presence blindfolded. I love when Manu really gives my whole body lots of attention, really waking up all parts of my body, and during also goes back and forth and tease my vagina parts a little. With a little stoke with a feather, with a little kiss, or any other touch. U can also play with ice cubes, with is always an interesting add on. Or fruit! To place different fruit on the body and eat it up. Then this turning in to focusing more on my pussy, the outside, then inside and giving me pleasure with his hands, his mouth and maybe even with some sort of toy inside. Like you hear, there is endless of variation of this fantasy. What I love is being blindfolded and not knowing, and fully just surrendering to your partner and allowing him to lead your pleasure. While you are blindfolded its also easier to really tune into your body, the sensations – and be fully present with yourself and your partner.

This fantasy obviously works both way, if you are in an hetro sexual couple, you can as easy turn this around and ask your boyfriend to wait for u. Or in any other form of gender constellation too <3 And for this I have chosen some props that can be very useful 🙂
1 – Feather Teaser Lila
2 – Frisky Feather Duster Svart/Röd
3 – Feather Tickler
4 – Chain Ball Tickler
5 – Sensua Suede Whip Lila
6 – Intima Silk Blindfold
7 – LELO Ella Svart

(Number 7 is one of my favorit toys for the G-spot, its really great, and perfect for a partner to use on you. You can read more about it HERE IN MY PREVIOUS POST, click on the link)

Double penetration:

The idea of being dubble penetrated has always amused me to a certain point but at the same time intimidated me on many levels. First of all, this is something I would have like to try with two people I am very comfortable with of course. And in general, anal sex is something I only like to do with my partner / or someone I have an intimate relationship with – not on a one night stand or a play party. I haven’t explored this with two penises jet, it is something I would have liked to try in the future maybe. Last year in Stockholm Manu found this toy that is an extra penis you attach under his penis. A double penetration toy. It’s not intimidatingly big, a gentle size but not too small. If you like anal stimulation this is A FULL YES to try. It actually took quite a while from after we got it until we actually tried it. I had some form of resistance but at the same time curiosity, so I always found an excuse that it wasn’t the best moment to try it haha. So Manu had to really propose it and lead us in the direction to just do it – and halloooOOooOOooo?!!! I got the most powerful orgasm in less than a minute haha. It’s definitely not the toy we use all the time, but it is a very interesting one to add on when we like to be more wild. I guess it is both the idea of being double penetrated + the actual sensations of it + Manus excitement and arousal for being in charge of such operation of intense pleasure haha.
Click here for the Blackjack Dildo 



Anal stimulation on him/pegging

Well….. this have been a big fantasy and arousing topic of mine for ages. So many different aspects of this fantasy that triggers my amusement. The ”forbidden” aura that rests on this topic, the powerplay aspect (the shift of being the one in control), the opportunity to have your man in such vulnerable situation and let him surrender to you & the chans to give him profound pleasure that he wasn’t even aware of that he could have. I have tried this in my past, and it was as epic as I thought it would be. But it is still my sexual fantasy and will probably be for a long time.

If you are curious in learning more in this topic I wrote a post about Male backdoor pleasure HERE.
And if you are interested in strap on toys to explore pegging, CLICK HERE.

I have so many sexual fantasies so it was hard to choose just three. But this is my current ones. I will be happy to share more if you like these posts. And I am also so curious of hearing your sexual fantasies. So I would love if you can write me your sexual fantasy / sexual fantasies to maxinne@maxinne.se before the 12th of July! It can be anonymous or with name <3 And please write it in English, if that is a problem send it in Sweden and I will translate it!
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Maxinne Björk

Maxinne Björk reser jorden runt och är bland annat bosatt i Indien, Thailand och Sverige och var hon än är så bejakar hon sin sexualitet, sin nakna kropp och sina tantriska vibbar. Maxinne jobbar bland annat som tantralärare där hon håller work shops i ”Tantra för kvinnor”. Tantra är tusentals år gammal livsbejakande tradition Då många andra traditioner förnekar av kroppen och sexualiteten ser man inom tantran kroppen som människans tempel som bör behandlas med kärlek och omsorg.